About us

Le Versant was created thanks to a team of volunteers who understood that mutual aid was the secret to manage their anxiety.

Since the beginning, at least 90 people have given their time, heart and energy to facilitate the workshops or sit on the Board of Directors which made the organization grow. They helped more than 1000 people and led more than 200 groups.

At least 20 volunteers are there each year to listen and share their experience with those who want to take care of their anxiety disorders.

Who we are

Workshops inspired by those offered in Montreal by the organization La Clé des champs, were introduced in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges region in the early 2000s by a social worker from CLSC La Presqu'Île, Mireille Demers.

Among the participants of the first workshops, some began to lead new groups, thus becoming peer helpers. Enter into play of the CLSC community organizer, Guy Francœur brought together and supported these volunteer facilitators and the workshops multiplied. After a few years, the group of activity leaders gained independence from the CLSC. Le Versant, réseau d'entraide pour les personnes souffrant de troubles anxieux was therefore created by becoming a non-profit organization registered under Part 3 of the Quebec Companies Act, on June 8, 2008.

The first Board of Directors was formed by Jean-Marc Bouchard and his team: Marc-André Rioux, Anne Lasnier, Chiarina Mossa, Annie Rozon, Line Handfield and Chantal Besner. In 2010, Chantal took the reins of the very young organization and she led until 2016 when Julie Reid succeeded her for three years. It should be noted that Line Handfield, who is responsible for the facilitators and workshops, has sat on the Board since the founding of Le Versant and that she has missed only five times for over than 75 meetings!

What we offer

To follow the sanitary instructions, our workshops bring together a maximum of 8 adults and are led by two people who have already followed the program and managed their anxiety. We offer :

  • Three workshop sessions per year, spring, fall and winter.
  • Regular workshops take place over 10 weeks at the rate of a meeting of 2 hours per week. The intensive workshops are two consecutive days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The groups are closed and reorganized again at each session.
  • The workshops are offered either in person or by video conference, in French or English (when possible).
  • We are collaborating with Équipe jeunesse, santé mentale, CISSS Montérégie-Ouest in Vaudreuil-Soulanges to offer a workshop in French to children 6 to 12 years old (EVA) and adolescents 12-14 years old and 15-17 years old (AVA).
  • We use the cognitive-behavioral approach, the problem-solving technique, breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Our services are free. However, in order to attend our workshops for adults, a participant must pay $25 to $30 for the exercise book and $10 for the annual fee.








Le Versant is a member of

ROCSMM Corporation de Développement Communautaire