Anxiety has no age or gender. When it takes up too much space in a life, it hurts ...

In 2014, in Quebec, about a quarter of the population aged 15 and over (26.2%) said they experienced fairly intense stress in their lives.

Today, we are less afraid to talk about anxiety. With a little courage, you can help yourself and succeed in living better.

Demystifying anxiety

In reality, anxiety is a healthy and natural process. It is a reaction that we all experience and that prepares our organism to face the real dangers that can arise in everyday life. It can be manifested by accelerated heartbeat, an adrenaline rush, heat, nervousness more intense than normal.

Anxiety is problematic when this intense fear prevents the person from functioning freely and causes significant suffering most of the time. We then react as if the dangers were real.

It is possible to find a safe and comforting place that will help you better understand your anxiety as well as develop ways to manage it. At Le Versant, you will be heard, understood, respected and guided in order to learn different ways to reduce the symptoms of your anxiety disorders.

People who suffer, stand to gain from their investment to better manage their anxiety. Even if it takes courage to join a support group, it is worth it.

The psychological distress and negative emotions that persist can lead to depression and anxiety disorders.

According to the Douglas Foundation, almost half (49%) of people who believe they have had depression or anxiety have never seen a doctor about it. But once depression is diagnosed, 80% of those receiving help can return to their usual activities.

Fondation Douglas – Facts about mental healt in Canada


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