Workshops offered

Le Versant uses the notebooks of La Clé des champs in workshops for adults. The cognitive behavioral approach, problem solving and breathing techniques are the recommended tools. The objective is to bring the participants to understand their anxiety and to know how to control it.

Our workshops bring together a maximum of 8 participants and are led by two trained facilitators who have already participated in the workshops. Regular groups take place over ten weeks at a rate of two hours per week. The intensive workshops last two full days.

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Workshops for adults from 18 to 98 years old

A Global Approach to Anxiety Disorders
Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety, modify anxiety-provoking thoughts and overcome the difficulties due to anxiety in everyday life.

Please note that this workshop must be completed before you can register for any of the following :

Taming Our Emotions
Helps you tame your emotions: recognize them, accept them, understand their usefulness and learn how to use them to prevent manifestations of anxiety.

The Key to Cultivating your Self-Esteem
Varied techniques and approaches that help you get to know yourself, let go and stop being obsessed with perfectionism and the judgment of others.

The Key to Communicating Assertively
Lets you understand the mechanisms of communication, its pitfalls and obstacles. It is also a set of practical exercises and reflections that promote self-assessment.

Workshops for teenagers

AVA (adolescent living with anxiety) groups 12-14 years and 15-17 years
Helps the adolescent to understand his anxiety and to manage it through exercises, sharing and appropriate tools. Self-esteem and emotions are an integral part of the interaction at the meetings.

This workshop is given in collaboration with l'Équipe Jeunesse CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest and is held in French.


French language workshops

The four workshops for adults are offered regularly in French.

Approche globale, la clé pour maîtriser les troubles anxieux  must be completed before registering for the three other subjects.

Apprivoiser son émotivité

Cultiver son estime de soi

Communication et affirmation de soi


La Clé des champs, réseau d’entraide pour personnes souffrant de troubles anxieux is an organization that offers workshops and training in the Montreal region and publishes and produces notebooks, CDs and DVDs related to anxiety disorders.